• What a Great Week! – My Favourite Evening Is Coming Up! – Our Music Evenings!

    This week has started very well, as one of my favourite evenings of the year, is coming up. On Thursday 27th September, I am hosting the Autumn Students’ Concert of my piano students.

    These evenings, held on a quarterly basis, are simply wonderful, as it gives my students, and myself, the opportunity to socialise, around the piano, and usually around a couple of glasses of champagne.

    It is truly amazing, as adult pianist amateurs are often lonely, and these brilliant events, offer them the unique privilege, to discuss their experience in music, with like-minded piano lovers.

    These events are extremely rewarding for myself too, as I can see my students develop, and enjoy performing for their piano colleagues, in a non-judgemental and familial atmosphere. Private music evenings were usual in the 18th, and the 19th century, and I think that it is a real shame to see them disappear.

    I am pleased to see my students participate and make a real event out of it. Some are absolute beginners, and I must say that they are really brave to go on stage. The advanced students enjoy it also extremely much, as it is a rare opportunity for them to perform in front of friends and family. Choosing a new dress for every occasion, is also agreeable for the ladies!

    Basically, I am extremely excited, and can not wait for it!