• Francois Weigel

    Francois Weigel is such a wonderful man. I have been studying under his leadership for a couple of years, and I have got amazing memories of the time spent with him. He used to pick me up at St Germain en Laye, and we would spent a few hours, working on the piano pieces I was preparing for the Maria Callas International Competition in Barcelona.

    His teaching was incredible, truly different from what I was used to. He was not behaving as a piano instructor, but as a real “piano friend”. As I am a perfectionist, he was simply the most appropriate person I could have met. I can still hear him shouting at me: “Play Celine, play! We will see the details later!”

    I must say that I have been extremely privileged to meet him. A man with a great heart, who would put the music first! An extraordinary pianist.