• Intense Piano Course

    I have just finished an intense piano course with one of my students, and I am absolutely astonished by the progress he has made in a few days only.

    It is not the first time I organised such a course with a student, and the results are always pleasing.

    Spending a few hours on a few days with the instructor is definitely the most amazing opportunity that a student could have. Taking lessons on a weekly basis, is necessary as a great routine, but attending an intense course on a quarterly basis would definitely take the student’s piano playing much further.

    As I had more time with my student, I could go in more details, and literally practise with him. It was an immense joy, to spend more time checking his technical exercises, sight-reading exercises, knowledge of theory, and piano pieces, without having to be pressurised by the clock.

    I have experienced the same astonishment, with an absolute beginner who came from Saudi Arabia to study for a week in London, with myself. At the end of the week, he was playing as well as students who study on a weekly basis for 2 months. Incredible!